FAQs - Printed Materials

Will you colour match to samples from my printer or previous printed samples?

There are often substantial differences in results between samples provided by different media. Each output device, including ink jet printers, laser printers, continuous tone printers and high-resolution film based proofs will offer a different result to another and to the finished print using true offset technology.

In particular office based machines such as ink jet and laser printers are known to produce significant variance in colour output.

Will my artwork be good enough to print from?

Not necessarily. Although when you sit looking at your artwork on screen it will probably look clear. The problem is the images and text could be made up from either low resolution images or file formats that when printed on professional state of the art equipment does not contain enough information to reproduce a high quality image.

Although you are the sole judge of the finished product we’ll always seek to advise you at proofing stage if we believe the quality of the image will not complement your document in it’s intended usage.

Will I receive the exact quantity I order?

Print industry standards are that you receive within 10% of the quantity you order. However at AMD Print we do not believe this is good enough! And that is why we always endeavour to produce additional material to compensate for losses throughout the production process to minimise the possibility of slight shortfall.

Will I be charged for delivery?

Next day printing to any single UK address is FREE! What’s more your printing is delivered in thick double walled cartons to ensure it arrives in pristine condition

Will I always see a proof before my work is produced?

Absolutely, definitely! We will always produce proofs for your approval, whether for new or amended artwork. You can choose from several proofing methods from faxed copy (recommended for simple text or line work only), to colour laser or digital PDF documents.

What type of printing presses do you have?

When you deal with AMD Print you are provided with material printed on some of the most modern state of the art equipment around. Investment in a world renowned Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 ensures your printing reaches the highest quality standards.

What type of paper do you use?

It’s up to you! You can choose from an extensive range of papers, from matt to gloss, smooth or textured with a wide range of colours and weights. We have negotiated a comprehensive service from our network of paper suppliers to ensure your chosen paper arrives quickly, usually within 4 working hours, enabling us to go to print without delay.

What if I need to send a job directly to my customer?

Not only is it straightforward to deliver your project direct to your customer, but, if you request, they will even receive it in plain packaging, although it is a legal requirement that our name shows on the carriers label. However why not consider projecting your corporate image on the packaging? Ask us about supplying box labels personalised with your corporate logo.

What about other file formats?

A wide range of file formats is available:
Mac or PC versions of Quark, PageMaker, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, Publisher, Word, Excel and of course any file output as a PDF

In the unlikely event of you needing to send a format not mentioned above, please telephone us for advice.

How soon can I receive my order?

Having placed an order the first thing you’ll be asked is “when do you need this by?” But you can rest assured of a fast turnaround, whatever your requirements, because the AMD Print service promise is to despatch your materials within 4 working days of proof approval.

On the rare occasion that the complexity of your project means this standard is inappropriate, we will agree timescales with you at point of order. And, likewise, if you have a really urgent need, we’ll do everything we can to schedule you in sooner to meet your requirements.

Do you only accept Mac files?

It is a myth that all printers only work on Mac based systems. AMD Print has full in house Mac and PC studio facilities and this means you can provide files for us in PC format

Can I simply send MS Word or Publisher documents?

Yes, no problem at all! Files can be sent on disk, CD or as an email attachment. It is a recommended safeguard that you provide a hard (paper) copy of the text because computers can make automatic adjustments to fonts, page breaks and margins. Your hard copy will then be compared to your digital file to ensure we provide the exact layout you require. Alternatively, a pdf file will suffice.

Can I send you films?

You’ll find things much simpler than that now! Our state of the art processes have replaced the use of film, in fact you simply need to send us a disk, email or hard copy and we’ll do the rest. How easy is that?