Why choose emailer

is a highly intuitive, easy to use but powerful email marketing tool which empowers marketers to:

  • Improve your email deliverability rate
  • Improve your open and click-through rates
  • Boost your online revenue
  • MAXIMISE your emarketing Return On Investment

Why is your no. 1 choice:

  • It is the easiest to use system of its kind that you’ll find
  • As an client, you’ll have full access to our unrivalled client support team
  • Our email marketing experience and reputation ensure top delivery rates
  • Flexible price plans, client support and industry leading features provide outstanding value
  • Our advanced, ROI-boosting features and tools are incredibly easy to use

Unrivalled client support

As an user, you will benefit from the business-boosting benefits of having a
dedicated Account Manager on hand at any time during office hours.

Let our client support team will walk you through the platform and provide
practical advice on how to get the most from your email marketing, and get you up
and running in no time.

No problem

You don’t have to wait for a problem to contact us - you might want help with a
particular feature of the platform or advice on your campaign, or just to talk to
your own technical people. That’s no problem.

And the support is not time restricted, just call us with any queries, five days a week,
9am till 5pm, (that’s UK time – not American!).

Our support checklist

  • Genuine, named account manager
  • Technical support to help your mailings
  • Phone or email at any time during UK office hours

Maximised deliverability

At , getting your emails past spam filters and through to inboxes is where we excel.
Our business is set up to maximise your deliverability. And as an client,
there are many benefits, including:

  • A platform with over nine years email broadcasting reputation – crucial when
    it comes to your campaigns being recognised and allowed through by the ISPs
  • Established relationships with most of the major ISPs and webmail providers –
    they know and trust us, so they’ll trust your campaigns too
  • Our anti-spam policy is strictly enforced which maintains our reputation
    amongst recipient ISPs
  • We are White Listed by the major ISPs – which means your campaigns will be too
  • We were early adoptors of the Sender Policy Framework which means we’ve
    been sending authenticated emails for many years – we know authentication
    inside out, so your emails get the go ahead from ISPs
  • We subscribe to the major ISP Feedback Loops – so your data gets automatically
    cleaned by , before a complaining recipient can get you black listed
  • We are UK-based (the vast majority of spam emails originate from providers in the USA)
  • Unlike overseas providers, emailer is bound by the UK’s stringent Data Protection laws -
    providing extra assurance to the security of your data
  • Our email marketing consultants will give you expert advice and guidance on how
    to write and tailor your emails to make sure they are less likely to trigger spam filters.

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