Send your campaign

Uploading, enriching, segmenting and managing
your data

Emailer’s easy to use features include our Contact Management tools.
With single-click actions you can:

  • Manage your mailing lists
  • Upload your own suppression files
  • Enrich your database with online surveys and automatic data appending
  • Segment your database for highly targeted email campaigns
  • Ensure your database is clean, for maximised email delivery

Managing your mailing lists

We know your data is the engine-room of your email marketing.

That’s why takes the headache out of managing your data –
making it a simple and smooth-running process.

  • Easy data import and export – saves time

In a mouse-click you can import or export address lists from and to
virtually any software package

Your mailing lists (known as address books) can be as large as you like –
and you can choose how many separate address books you need to store.

  • Built-in deduping – saves you wastage

automatically removes duplicates from your lists on upload,
along with wrongly formatted email addresses – saving you time and wastage.

  • Clean your data against emailer’s Global Suppression File -
    reduce your bounce-backs and increase your deliverability
  • Use to BUILD your database

With it’s a simple matter to add a sign-up form to your own website
that will automatically populate any address book, in real time.
And will send an auto-reply to anyone who signs up.

So with , you can use your website to actively build your database
with valuable ‘permission-based’ names.

  • What’s more…

You can include a ‘forward to a friend’ link in your emails to help spread
your message and build your database further –
a process automatically managed by .

  • Go viral!

Only enables you to embed social networking site links in your emails,
and then report on how many times your email gets posted to these sites.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to go viral with your marketing messages!

Managing your unsubscribes

emailer provides watertight data protection

includes full bounce-back management, so you can be sure you
are data protection compliant.

Any ‘unsubscribes’ are automatically removed from your lists in real time
and added to a suppression file so will never email them again –
even if you re-import that contact unknowingly.

This gives you full protection under anti-spam legislation.

Plus, we go one step further…

has access to ISP Feedback Loop alerts, so if a recipient hits the
‘Junk’ button in their inbox, we’ll automatically unsubscribe them –
a key tactic for avoiding ISP black lists.

  • Upload your own suppression file

enables you to upload your own suppression file into the platform,
quickly and easily.

  • Automatic bounce-back management

Undelivered emails (’bounce-backs’) are also dealt with automatically.

You can set thresholds for the number of times tries to re-send
a bounced email, before it automatically unsubscribes them.

  • Reply management

Any replies to your email can be set to forward to an address of your
choice or sifted on-screen via a webmail-type system.