Features list

Data Management

  • Historical access to reports and campaigns - months stored
  • Manage soft and hard bounces and unsubscribes by date range,
    campaign or total amount
  • Automatic bounce handling
  • Automatic unsubscribe handling, including ISP feedback loops
  • Data cleanse and de dupe on upload
  • Amend contact details on-screen, or re-import to refresh the data
  • Online sign-up form
  • Suppression list management - bulk import all unsubscribes
  • Bounce management allowing you to set bounce thresholds
  • Unlimited mailing lists / address books
  • API to connect to your back data system refreshing the data with all unsubscribes, soft and hard bounces.
  • API extensions to connect to third party applications e.g. your CRM system (option)
  • Third Party App integration, allowing you to use within a third party platform (option)
  • Domain suppression (option)
  • 10 customisable data fields - store any recipient data Segmentation Builder (option)
  • Mapped import of data (option)


  • Template Library including 88 free, professionally designed generic templates
  • Easily create your campaigns using “Point and Click” technology
  • Built in Spam Assassin spam checker
  • Personalise your email content at the touch of a button
  • Add external web links to your email content at the touch of a button
  • ‘Refer a Friend’ link
  • ‘Add to social networks’ link
  • Easily upload your design templates into
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Personalise your email with unlimited variables and data fields
  • Dynamic Content
  • Detailed spam checker breakdown by desktop client, server and gateway firewalls (option)
  • Image size editing (option)
  • ‘Quick edit’ mode (option)
  • Personalised preview (option)
  • Survey Builder - Easy online survey building, with automatic, population of response data into your lists (option)
  • Microsite Builder, for quick and easy creation of dedicated landing pages for your email campaigns (option)
  • Document linker - link to and launch Pdf’s, and any other documents, directly from your marketing emails, in one quick step (option)


  • Free, unlimited test sends
  • Subject line split testing with artificial intelligence (option)
  • Inbox Preview (option)


  • Multipart delivery
  • Schedule campaigns to be sent in the future
  • Triggered emails following web form submission
  • Send from your companydomain.com (option)
  • Auto responder for email replies (option)
  • Auto responder for email replies, specified by campaign (option)
  • Outbox, with campaign ‘pause’ button (option)
  • Triggered emails based on recipient action (option)
  • One off event triggered emails (option)
  • Series triggered emails (e.g. subscription renewal programmes) (option)


  • Graphical representations of your results
  • Delivered and open rates Links clicked - by link name and URL
  • Forwards
  • Replies
  • Bounces and unsubscribes
  • Social network bookmark views
  • Compare reports from different campaigns
  • Overlay, hotspot report
  • Print out board room ready reports
  • Unlimited export of the reporting stats
  • Schedule report update, emailed to up to 5 colleagues per campaign
  • Generate “Hot Prospects” reports to further target your lists
  • Create unlimited refined lists of actions taken after a campaign has been sent, including automatic list creation
  • Website page and path tracking ROI tracking from email to website conversion, by numerical and alpha codes
  • Geomap of results (option)
  • Report by top 10 domains (option)
  • One click Google analytics (option)


  • Online FAQ and Help
  • Free telephone support
  • Free unlimited Email support
  • Dedicated Account Manager who knows your business

Account Management

  • User permissions management
  • Hierarchical Parent and Child accounts (Chargeable per Child Account)
  • Up to 10 additional users