FAQs - Email Marketing

What do I need to run ?

Any PC or MAC linked to the internet

What are the limits to the trial version?

The trial version is identical to the full version but is restricted to allowing a maximum of 20 emails per send. Once you have decided to use , simply give us a call to set up your account.

How long can I use the trial version?

The trial period lasts 30 days during which time you will have full access to an account manager to answer your questions.

How does stop my email being blocked as spam?

There are a number of factors that spam filters take into account in their “points” systems ranging from the overuse of graphics, excessive link count against weight of text, through to factors such as suspicious text and overuse of exclamation and question marks. Please talk to us if you have any questions.

Spammers try to mask their origin whereas emailer-logo">emailer emails can be openly traced back to the server. We conform to best practise guidelines and technical specifications.

Our clients are carefully vetted and we take great care to stop our system being used by spammers.

Can you source permission-based data for my campaigns?

Yes, we can supply high quality data specifically and accurately targeted to your particular market.

Can I send from my own email address?

Yes but we do recommend that you use a domain dedicated to your email marketing sends to protect your main domain from blacklisting. We can help with the creation of a specific domain for you email marketing.

Can the recipient unsubscribe?

Your email will contain an unsubscribe link that takes the reader to a web page that confirms their wish to opt out. emailer-logo">emailer will not upload any names that have previously unsubscribed and you can export a list of unsubscribers to help manage your campaigns.

Can I get my template professionally designed?

We offer a full HTML design service to your exact requirements. The design will comply with best practise guidelines and technical specifications.

Can I use my own template, or a template provided by a third party?

You are free to upload any HTML. You can then edit the document within .