Create your campaign

’s Design Suite is so easy-to-use, once you’ve tried it
you’ll never look back!
At the heart of is a WYSIWYG email creation and
edit system that is flexible and incredibly easy-to-use.

In an environment very similar to, say, Microsoft Word™, you can:

  • Type text
  • Upload pictures or graphics
  • Insert tables
  • Change colours
  • Change typefaces
  • Delete things you don’t like…
  • Try it one way…
  • …change it back to how it was before.

So why is the Design Suite different?

It’s different – and so much better – because it enables totally flexible
point-and-click design.

There’s no prescriptive ‘wizard’ system or forms that just produce
variations on the same templates.

Once you’ve used the Design Suite,
you’ll never look back.

One-click personalisation

By personalising your emails, you’ll achieve two goals – higher response
rates and higher ROI.
makes personalising your email content incredibly easy.
It’s quite literally a one-click operation to add personalised fields.

  • Personalise your emails with up to 10 different fields

With , you’re not restricted to just personalising your email by
name or product name. In fact, you can personalise up to
10 fields in one single email.

Need more personalisation? Read more about Dynamic Content .

  • Powerful, targeted messages

With it will take you just a matter of seconds to turn a
standard email into a highly targeted marketing message.

You can address your recipient by their name, refer to the last date
and product they bought from you, make specific recommendations
and ‘calls to action’ for them.

You can even personalise the email ‘from’ name.

This is when email marketing really starts to get powerful

Remember – with , if you have the data in your list,
you can have it in your email. (And don’t worry if you’re missing
some data – you can set defaults like ‘Dear colleague’,
so all your bases are covered).

Dynamic Content

Dynamise your emails, with emailer

Personalising your emails by database fields is great for
your response rates.

Now imagine if you could tailor your campaign so different groups
of your audience receive different content – depending on how you’ve
segmented them – different offers, images, copy or calls to action.

Imagine how seriously targeted and response driven your email
campaigns would become.

With you can do all of this – simply and easily.

Our unique Dynamic Content Builder enables you to:

  • Easily create emails with highly targeted content for different
    groups of customers
  • Quickly and simply set-up rules that decide which recipient
    gets which email content, without having to create separate
    datasets and campaigns
  • Send one campaign, with multiple targeted messages,
    and watch your response rates soar.

You won’t find another Dynamic Content feature on the market
as easy-to-use as ’s.

It’s an email marketing power-tool that anyone in
your team can use to ‘dynamise’ your results!